Monthly Archive: November 2011

Nov 10

Please Give The Gift of Shoes To a Child

Help keep her feet covered

It’s amazing how many pairs of shoes most of us own, knowing that we can only wear ONE pair at a time! Here is your chance to donate a pair of shoes to a child in Haiti! For a large amount of them this will be there ONLY pair of shoes. A pair of shoes …

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Nov 09

Help S.H.E.N.A. HAITI’S Children – Please Donate $2.00

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Nov 06

HIV Knows No Boundaries- Reaction To DJ Cipha’s Comments Regarding Haiti

HIV Knows No Boundaries - The world is a victim.....

“DJ Cipha Sounds”, let me begin with this thought – “The citizens of Haiti are in many respects a fine looking people. There is about them a sort of majesty. They carry themselves proudly erect as if conscious of their freedom and independence. The women are quite superior to the men. They are elastic, vigorous …

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Nov 04

Haiti’s 2011 Election Fradulent or Intentional!!


Tiny Haiti rests in Caribbean waters less than 800 kilometers from North America. But it is light years away from its amenities, opportunities and standard of living it is all due to greedy politicians who refuses to allow the country the opportunity to progress. Definitely, 2010 has been a curse for Haiti’s 206th year of …

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